Website Design

Your website is your home in the cloud. No matter what kinds of online advertising and social media you choose, the goal is always to drive traffic back to your website in order to capture sales leads.

Sky Machine offers website design services to new businesses or established businesses looking to retrofit or bring their website up to a newer look. Effective websites can be as few as a couple pages, but can also contain more interactive components for an improved user experience. Contact us to talk about what kind of home in the cloud you envision.

We offer

  • Websites that track well in search results - The days of looking up businesses in the Yellow Pages are gone. Prosperous businesses appear high in search engine rankings. The cloud is where customers go to find services and products to fit their needs. 
  • Engaging websites that retain visitors - If you can't keep visitors on your site, you're losing potential sales. We set you up with a visually strong landing page, and provide interesting content to keep the visitor engaged.
  • Websites that convert visitors to leads - Having a clear call to action involves you have an engaged visitor, then capturing the sales lead with clearly defined mechanisms for moving the discussion to a live sales rep or getting them to your store location.