Belmont Village Food Avenue Celebrates 2 Years

Right on the border of Waterloo, the Kitchener commercial district known as Belmont Village is often overlooked. Certainly, nobody realizes that it is home to 12 different places to eat, drink, has a tea shop a specialty foods market and during the summer is home to a pop-up farmer's market.

Belmont Village, in fact, is a culinary connoisseur's dream come true with not a single one of the restaurants overlapping in cuisine style! From vegan raw to Indian, to Italian, a sub shop as old as the village, Thai cuisine to a cooking school and a specialty beer haus to many more, there are more food options that there are days of the week in Belmont Village!

Getting To Know Your Belmont Village

An initial survey of 100 Kitchener-Waterloo residents within 5 km of Belmont Village was set up and the results showed that over 90% of those surveyed were unable to name more than two of the food establishments in Belmont Village. Brands that had been mainstays of the Village for decades certainly were easily named but newer establishments remained for the most part, unknown to residents as close a 1 km away.

Working With All The Restaurants In Belmont Village

Coordinating with the restaurant owners, we setup Belmont Village Food Avenue. Social media properties were established, a responsive website was created and food photography was taken using a food-specific lens to capture the rich textures and mouth-watering looks of the culinary art. Restaurant social media accounts are included in posts to help promote and grow their social media following and content is created that includes all members of the Belmont Village Food Avenue.

We're very happy to still be working with the restaurants and now integrating Food Avenue with the Belmont Village BIA promotional efforts as well. We love promoting beautiful Belmont Village in midtown Kitchener! Drop by this week and take in the smells of our 12 unique restaurants as they begin their dinner service. You won't regret coming to Belmont Village Food Avenue!

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Some Of Our Food Photography

Belmont Village Food Avenue
Belmont Village Food Avenue
Belmont Village Food Avenue
Belmont Village Food Avenue