Mudpuppy Chase Road Race Receives Brand and Website Updates

Successful race series, Mudpuppy Chase, hadn't had an update to branding or website since the race was founded. Working with race directors we updated both their look and their online presence.

The Mudpuppy Chase is Waterloo Region's largest race and is an annual road race enjoyed by families as a morning of fitness. This fun race series had launched a brand and website at the inception of the race and other than adding a Twitter presence, hadn't changed much to the way they were represented. At the inset of the updates was the decision to refresh the brand as the previous look was over a decade old.

Updating The Website

With a new logo designed, we set to work on improving the website. The existing website and runner registration portal were not responsive, which meant users were struggling to see information about the race or sign up using their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. While updating the underlying technology of the website we worked with the race directors to see if their message had changed or if additional information needed to be represented. The content was rewritten to be more engaging and to drive runner registration and fundraising. Important documents for registration and fundraising were converted to web content and integrated into the website for maximum availability and easy updates.


The running registration and fundraising portal used by the organizers was also switched to a mobile compatible solution. We then integrated real-time fundraising leaderboards from the fundraising tool into the main Mudpuppy Chase website. A MailChimp newsletter signup component was also embedded to add to the organizer's newsletter distribution list.

Social Media

When the race demographic was evaluated we realized a large portion of runner demographic could be reached if the race had both an Instagram account and a Facebook page to drive registration and fundraising leading up to race day. These properties were created, matching branding was rolled out and the content driven by race director requirements. 

From the brand update to overhauling the website and integrating external systems, SMC helped the Mudpuppy Chase Road Race bring their web presence into the mobile era and continue thriving as an amazing community morning of fitness and fundraising. 

"Wow. I really like this." - MJ. Schleigel. School Liaison Director
"I was on the website and it looks superb..." - J. Nesbitt. Race Director


Each year the Mudpuppy Chase Road Race raises over $50,000 in support of local children's charities in Waterloo Region.


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