Logo Design

Your brand is introduced by your logo. Sky Machine Creative helps create a strong company identity with a powerful and unique logo that will stand out from the crowd.

We start with what you think would represent your business or service in terms of an image. We design draft logos, work in a variety of fonts and colours and narrow them down to a set that you like. Even before your potential customers are introduced to your service and customer facing employees, your logo is making an introduction for you. It's the first impression you put out there.

What do the colours and font you use for your branding say about your business? What does the logo that represents you say? Are you in an industry where you need to convey strict professionalism in your service or are you in an industry where your service or product needs to appear fun? The style of your branding will help convey many of these aspects of your business even before any of your content is read.

Logo design is part of our graphic design services.