Social Curation

Being on social media like Twitter and Facebook adds another dimension to your marketing and lets your customers know you're ready to engage with them on a one on one basis.

Whether you choose to include social curation as part of a new website or whether you just want to extend your current branding to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Sky Machine Creative can help establish a following so that when you're ready to promote a particular product or service, you have people listening.

Businesses need to be more than just a faceless corporation on social media. They need to engage with followers on topics that interest them - they need to engage on a person to person level. We combine some of your interests with regional news and community talking points to establish dialog and build your followers. When you're ready to promote specials, new products, sales, or release news about your company, you have followers who are watching your news releases.

Social media also provides a forum for feedback on your products and services. In the rare event that bad word of mouth from a disgruntled customer is going around we can work with you to address it and ensure your service record comes out on top. Keeping on top of bad social media is a very important component of successful companies with an online presence.

Social media curation is a part of our Site & Social To Go package.