Mobile Friendly Websites

An increasing number of your visitors are using smart phones to search for your service. Sky Machine Creative ensures you still look your best even when viewed on a 5 inch screen.

In a prediction from Mary Meeker in 2008, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, she stated that mobile will overtake fixed Internet access by 2014. Sure enough here we find ourselves in 2015, past the tipping point where mobile internet viewing exceeds fixed or desktop internet use. It is no longer a case of asking whether mobile compatibility is important, it's a case of ensuring that your online presence is compliant to both mobile and fixed internet users. 

We also account for the different use patterns for each of the access models and take that into account when laying out your product and service information. Your website has to look as good on desktops as it does on smartphones and tablets and all of your functionality needs to scale to those mediums as well.

Mobile friendly design is part of the responsive design that we build into all of our websites.